05 | MAR | 2019

Tintas Farben will launch new patterns and finished at FIMMA Brasil 2019

Presenting new products to the furniture industry, strengthening customer relationships and conducting surveys are some of the goals of Tintas Farben by taking part once again in the International Fair of Machines, Raw Materials and Accessories for the Furniture Industry (FIMMA Brasil).

Operating for 25 years and located Içara (SC), Tintas Farben produces paints and varnishes for the furniture industry, automotive segment for refinishing, in addition to industrial (metalworking) and real estate lines.

According to its technical-commercial manager, Ilmar Broch, FIMMA Brasil has always represented a new level of growth for Farben. "The fair has greatly helped us and continues to help us expand the company, both in the domestic and international market, through business meetings. It also assists in the contact with current and new customers – mass production furniture companies and retailers, as well as specifiers, designers and architects who work in the woodworking industry and then get to know our products at this event. FIMMA is also important in terms of technology, as it showcases the cutting-edge products for the woodworking industry. We can learn about new materials, new products and it helps us develop them, so we can see market trends, what kind of machines and materials are being used," he points out.

For Vice President, Edmilson Zanatta, by participating in FIMMA they aim to consolidate what was established in their 2019 strategic planning and budget, confirming the optimism expected for this year. "FIMMA Brasil will give a glimpse of what the market will be like, a starting point for this year. In this show we want to exhibit new products for the furniture industry, strengthening the relationship with our customers and prospecting new opportunities. The fair has the characteristic of bringing people together in the same space, which for Farben is important, since it is difficult to knock on the doors of all companies," he says.

At the 14th FIMMA Brasil, their innovations in the products aimed at the mass production furniture industry include the line of UV paints and varnishes. Farben is launching new patterns for the printing line - wood (natural or composite), metallic, stone, rusty, and reclaimed wood. For cabinetry making, the company will present the line of polyurethane finishes, also focusing on new paint patterns. New shades of gold, metal, silver, shiny metallic, and pearl metallic. "Our color palette has 36 new shades developed in partnership with the Brazilian Committee of Colors (CBC) following trends of the Study Group of the Center for the Study of Colors for Latin America (Cecal). Based on this survey, we are materializing these trends in our chart, with highlights for metallic shades, high on the agenda in contemporary architecture," says Broch.

The brand will also exhibit the line of special substrates for painting materials including PVC glass, handles, skirting boards, frames, and other products used by the woodworking industry. "In addition to the main characteristics of paint that is coating and embellishing, we aim to develop products that have other functions, such as antimicrobial coatings. They are products that inhibit the appearance and growth of fungi and bacteria in various places (a growing use in children's rooms and hospitals), besides being non-toxic," adds the technical-commercial manager.