29 | MAR | 2019

The FIMMA Joiner project makes symbolic delivery of furniture to the Municipal Shelter

In the afternoon of March 29, in a gesture of solidarity, the FIMMA Joiner project, in partnership with Instituto Senai de Tecnologia em Madeira e Mobiliário, made the symbolic delivery four pieces of furniture produced by 15 students at Senai, who are part of the Young Apprentice program. The recipient institution will be the Municipal Shelter of Bento Gonçalves.

During the four-day fair, the young apprentices made a table with benches for the cafeteria, a TV rack, a closet for the adolescent’s dormitory and cabinets for the toy library. The project was supported by Afix, Akeo, Berneck, Bosch, D'Zainer, GS Ferragens, Inmes and Promob.

The president of FIMMA Brasil 2019, Henrique Tecchio, warmly thanked the supporters, the Senai Institute and the young apprentices. "It is very good to see the new generation joining this profession, perhaps the oldest in history, the precursor of many others and that made it possible to establish many furniture manufacturing centers in Brazil," he said. The president of the 14th FIMMA Brasil also praised the initiative that provides greater welfare to the children of the Municipal Shelter. "Everyone is to be congratulated, we have to rejoice when good actions are implemented," he said.

Rafael Brunelli, from the Senai Institute, thanked the opportunity to spend another year sharing this special moment. "I thank FIMMA Brasil, the young people who show the power of professional education and the potential they can reach," he said.

The Municipal Secretary of Housing and Social Assistance of Bento Gonçalves, Eduardo Virissimo, thanked the donation and pointed out that this is a special gesture towards children who do need to be hugged and cuddled.

Since FIMMA Brasil 2015, pieces of furniture have been manufactured within the FIMMA Joiner project. In 2015, Lar do Ancião was the recipient institution, while in 2017 kindergarten schools, through the city's Municipal Education Department, received the donation.