15 | AGO | 2019

New Regulatory Standard No. 12 is published

On July 30, the Federal Official Gazette published ordinances on Occupational Safety and Health. The publication noteworthy is the new content of Regulatory Standard No. 12 (NR 12) - Occupational Safety when Operating Machinery and Equipment.

The main modifications in NR 12 included Brazil's alignment with national and international technical standards; flexibility in the implementation of the standard, providing more technical options; the differentiation between new and used machines regarding some requirements, respecting their constructive characteristics; incorporation of items to ensure more legal certainty; 4.0 and robotics industries have also become compatible with NR 12.

Other publications
Another publication was Normative Instruction No. 01/2019 ot the Department of Pension Fund and Labor which establishes that, in case modifications are made to NR-12, the new items will automatically prevail over the ones modified previously, with no need to make a new agreement.

It is important to inform that the Brazilian government has revoked Regulatory Standard No. 02, which governed previous inspections. The revocation aims to reduce bureaucracy and the government intervention in private sector initiatives.