26 | OUT | 2018

Less than five months to go, FIMMA Brasil will be marked by innovation and a competitive edge

In 2019, the 14th FIMMA Brasil will have new features and the expansion of some segments seeking to increase the business options for the woodworking industry.

Ornamental stones will be exhibit at the Mobstone project for the first time in an exclusive space aiming to bring together companies, designers and marble producers and their respective suppliers of machines and raw materials. In this environment, the fair intends to attract suppliers, retailers, machinery and equipment companies for stones, construction firms, architects, designers and specifiers to check the new products.

The commitment to provide increasingly positive experiences to exhibitors and visitors during FIMMA Brasil 2019 motivated its board of directors to assign a space for the forestry industry. With great business potential, this sector will have an exclusive indoor area comprising 900 square meters in pavilion B and 825 square meters outdoors. The innovative initiative will present the cutting-edge technologies and processes aimed at the forestry industry, taking advantage of the present recovery of the domestic market and the good momentum for exports.

The Buyer’s Project, which completes 10 editions, that is, two decades of services bringing together Brazilian businessmen and foreign buyers in business meetings, in addition to technical visits; FIMMA Joiner, which seeks to encourage the development of small companies in the segment, facilitating their access to information and bringing professionals closer to the new products of the woodworking industry; FIMMA Workshop that offers a series of lectures to point out ways for the competitive management of products, processes and innovation.

Henrique Tecchio, president of FIMMA Brasil 2019, points out that times have changed. "There is an increasing obligation to be innovative and, especially as a fair, to be facilitators of a good experience for both our exhibitors and our visitors at the show. For the 2019 fair, we have been working hard to align with the most modern technologies and processes for the furniture industry. The way the fair is organized and especially the context in which it is set in, have made us add other segments and projects related to the theme of FIMMA 2019 - the competitive edge," he says.