24 | DEZ | 2018

German Brunner Hildebrand will present, during FIMMA Brasil 2019, its new headquarters in Peru

Operating for more than 60 years, Brunner Hildebrand, based in Vorwerkstraße 9, D-30989 Gehrden, Hannover, Germany, will be at the International Fair of Machines, Raw Materials and Accessories for the Furniture Industry (FIMMA Brasil) 2019 to announce its new sales and service office in Latin America, located in Lima, Peru. And also aiming to make new contacts.

Providing the sale and maintenance of a wide range of wood kilns, the brand will exhibit for the first time at FIMMA Brasil. Brunner-Hildebrand has already manufactured more than 15,000 kilns of all types and sizes.

Hildebrand offers the most complete range of drying kilns, including conventional kilns (for soft and hardwood), progressive kilns, steaming kilns, heat treatment chambers, pre-drying kilns and vacuum kilns. With over six decades of experience, Hildebrand to has never settled for less, keeping a continuous focus on improving the efficiency of their kilns.