21 | JAN | 2019

De Carli Selected Stones will take part in the Mobstone Project at FIMMA Brasil 2019

De Carli Selected Stones will be one of the companies participating in the Mobstone – Stone Furniture project, a pioneer initiative at the International Fair of Machines, Raw Materials and Accessories for the Furniture Industry (FIMMA Brasil) 2019.

De Carli has been in the natural and industrialized ornamental marble/stone market for more than 30 years headquartered in Passo Fundo with a conceptual space in Porto Alegre. With more than 5000 m² facilities, the company offers a wide choice of products, and a large stock of raw material, ensuring quality and flexibility when choosing the products that meet customers’ need.

According to director Alexandre De Carli, the brand is recognized in Rio Grande do Sul for its excellence in customer service, good quality and impeccable product finishing, combined with a wide range of traditional and exotic stones available in its showroom. De Carli has the Loyalty Gold seal of the Spanish giant Cosentino, a quality certificate supplied by the company to their marble manufacturing partners. This seal ensures that the company offers adequate equipment and skilled labor to achieve excellence in the processing of its products.

"We have a solid partnership with suppliers and renowned professionals in the field of architecture, decoration, interior design and engineering who recommend the company to the market players. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art Italian machinery for the automatic cutting of stones which provides efficiency to the production process and flawless quality to the finished projects ", he explains.

Mobstone project is an initiative developed by FIMMA Brasil 2019 and the Furniture Industry Association of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Movergs), supported by Sindmóveis / Raiz Project, the Senai Institute of Wood Technology and Furniture - and Revista Rochas, and sponsored by Pro Marmo.